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Partner since 1997

Becton Dickenson (BD) originated the maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) partnership with UNICEF in 1998. They have continued to support this lifesaving initiative alongside a number of other important donors.

UNICEF actively works to end MNT in 12 countries around the globe, from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Nigeria and Papua New Guinea. Support from partners like BD funds the supplemental immunization activities to effectively prevent tetanus.

Since the start of this initiative, 47 out of 59 countries involved have been validated for MNT elimination. Neonatal tetanus cases are down by 90 percent since the initiative started, and neonatal deaths are down by 85 percent. Over the last decade, we have seen countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Laos, and India eliminate MNT. The 12 remaining countries continue to work to vaccinate widely, particularly young women who are likely to give birth and risk transmitting tetanus.

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