On 15 April 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, Zlata, 7, works on schoolwork from home, with all schools in the country closed as part of measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Sony America
Corporate Sponsorship

Partner since 2020

Sony Corporation of America and UNICEF are providing children with access to quality learning through the Learning Passport – a digital, personalized learning platform developed by UNICEF, Microsoft and partners. 

Sony’s grant is helping UNICEF deploy the Learning Passport across Latin America and create a library of digital books, learning resources, trainings and videos for students, teachers, parents and caregivers in Spanish. 

In 2021, Honduras was the first in the region to roll out their curriculum through the Learning Passport mobile app and online. 

In this video, Sony Corporation of America President Mark Khalil and Executive Vice President Karen Halby speak to Sony’s commitment to nurturing innovation and investment in education and other efforts by UNICEF to ensure that vulnerable children have access to quality learning.

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ABOVE: The Learning Passport helps make remote learning easier, and Sony Corporation of America's partnership with UNICEF aims to expand this platform to Latin America. © UNICEF/Filippov