National Council 2019-2020
National Council 2019-2020










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Leading your Club

From a Yearlong Calendar to tips on how to recruit new members, you'll find everything you need to lead your club.

Meeting Resources

Not sure what to do for your next meeting? We're here for you.

Community Building and Partnerships

Discover new ways you can get involved in both your school and community.

Fundraising and Event Ideas

Learn fundraising best practices and event ideas.

Advocacy Action

Use your voice for youth around the globe by staying civically engaged.


Know your Support System

Get to know what resources and support are available to you as a UNICEF Club member.

Marketing Materials

Speak out for UNICEF by sharing your UNICEF Club across social media, within your school, and in your community.

Learn More About UNICEF!

Take a deeper dive into the issues UNICEF is at the forefront of tackling.