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Advocate for UNICEF

We need informed and committed volunteers to help us advocate for every child! Join our efforts and learn how to get active in your community.

Advocate with Congress to put children first 

UNICEF USA works relentlessly in pursuit of a world that upholds the rights of all children and helps every child thrive.

In support of that vision, UNICEF USA speaks up on behalf of and with children to support their rights, ensure safe and healthy childhoods in safe and inclusive communities and build strong futures with opportunity and hope.

We need informed and committed volunteers to engage with policymakers on actions that support and empower children. Join our efforts and advocate for every child!

A great way to start is to send messages to your Senators and Representatives in support of vital funding for UNICEF.

Together, we can remind Congress that the U.S. Government's support for UNICEF is an effective investment and is an example of assistance that reflects our American values. We can speak out to lawmakers on every level to advance UNICEF’s mission.

When you speak up for children, legislators will listen.

Learn more about how the UNICEF USA Advocacy team works.

Add your voice. Visit the UNICEF USA Advocacy Action Center.

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Support U.S. Government Funding for UNICEF
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