Champion for Children making a UNICEF Change for Good PA on American Airlines

American Airlines & UNICEF USA’s Partnership: Converting Spare Change into Lifesaving Impact

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Partner since 1994

American Airlines and UNICEF USA work together strategically to support UNICEF’s work through numerous activities, including:  

  • fundraising for lifesaving children’s programs 

  • educating and engaging AA employees and customers about UNICEF’s mission

  • providing travel credit to UNICEF staffers

  • sponsoring The UNICEF Gala Dallas since 2012

  • gifting auction packages for UNICEF USA fundraising events

The partnership focuses on providing immediate and long-term support to children around the world, including those impacted by emergencies. 

Change for Good

The UNICEF Change for Good program is an alliance between UNICEF and the international airline industry to collect unused currency from passengers and convert their spare change into critical supplies and services for vulnerable children around the world. Established in 1987, Change for Good is one of UNICEF's best-known and longest-running partnerships. The global program has raised more than $174 million to support programs for children worldwide. American Airlines is the only U.S. participating airline, raising over $17 million for Change for Good to date.

Champions for Children

Champions for Children is an American Airlines employee volunteer program with UNICEF that serves as the U.S. support for UNICEF’s Change for Good program. American Airlines flight attendants volunteer while at work to collect foreign and domestic currency contributions from American Airlines customers on all international flights and U.S. flights to and from Hawaii. Champions have also been able to visit UNICEF projects to witness the impact of the funds they have collected through Change for Good.

Miles for Social Good

American Airlines donates AAdvantage miles and other travel certificates to the UNICEF USA to cover the cost of staff travel through Miles for Social Good, a program that started in 2010.

American Airlines AAdvantage members can take part in Miles for Social Good too, by donating their own AAdvantage miles (1,000-mile minimum) to UNICEF USA.

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