A four-year-old girl traumatized by the Syria earthquake says she wants to move to a place where there are no earthquakes.

Monthly Giving

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Monthly giving helps UNICEF maintain critical support and services for children in need all around the world — not just when emergencies occur, but every day of the year. By becoming a monthly supporter, you can help children not just survive, but thrive over the long term.

A monthly donation of just $10 makes you a member of a very special donor community.

Impact of Your Support

Monthly donations are critical for sustaining UNICEF’s pillar programs and maximizing impact in:

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UNICEF immunizes nearly half the world’s children and works to prevent child deaths and disease through better quality health care services and health system strengthening.
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UNICEF delivers lifesaving treatment for severely malnourished children and supports nutrition programs that improve diets and advance best practices for healthy growth and development.
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UNICEF helps improve access to safe water for tens of millions of people in dozens of countries every year while also working to advance innovative solutions to water scarcity and other climate impacts.
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Every year, UNICEF helps tens of millions of out-of-school children get back to learning so they can reach their full potential.
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UNICEF partners worldwide to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse, and to end harmful practices that violate children’s rights.

Donor Testimonials

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When the war in Ukraine started, I wanted to help and the impact on the children is what drove me to find a way, and so I did some research, and decided to trust my support through you… If everyone who could afford $10 a month gave it for these children it would make a huge difference in their lives.

Brad, Manchester Center, VT

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Investing in children is the smartest thing we can do. Even climate change action arcs back to saving and investing in children. …Thank you for all you do in this ultimate highest endeavor.

Karen, Bethlehem, PA

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I chose UNICEF based on their history. I believe the organization is well-established and has the structure for effective relief in distressed situations… I understand there are peoples around the globe who are in need of UNICEF’s assistance, and I trust my gift will make someone’s life less painful.

Sherry, Oregon City, Oregon

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Monthly donations are 100% tax deductible and can be adjusted or suspended at any time.