Two children smile brightly at the camera, wearing colorful shirts, sitting outside a building

Ways to Give

From donating money to donating a car, shopping at an online market or sending an inspired gift, there are many different ways to support UNICEF's mission for children around the world.

A little girl in a headscarf stands at an entranceway, smiling and biting the neck of her head wrap.
Donate Monthly
You can be a lifeline for children everywhere, helping them to survive and thrive by committing to donating monthly.
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UNICEF Inspired Gifts
Send a gift of schools supplies, soccer balls, vaccines or other critical items to children in need in the name of your loved one.
A boy wearing a face mask stands in a field, with white tents far in the background.
Purchase a handcrafted product and support a talented artisan — while also supporting UNICEF's mission for children.
Four young girls walk together down a dirt road. They walk while laughing, with their arms around each other's shoulders.
Humanitarian Circle
Donors who give over $25,000 annually are recognized and granted membership in this giving community.
Four young boys smile and play in a pile of junk and trash.
Leadership Circle
Donors who give $1,000 to $25,000 annually are recognized and granted membership in this giving community.
Four girls wearing backpacks run down a dirt and stone road while laughing.
Join other young professionals in pledging your time and resources in support of UNICEF's global work for children.
Two girls wearing face masks and head scarves stand looking out of an open window, their arms leaning on the windowsill.
Donor Advised Funds
DAF allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and recommend grants from the fund.
A young girl wearing a red and white dress stands akimbo outside of a house while smiling
Help the world’s vulnerable children by starting an online fundraiser in support of UNICEF’s life-saving, life-changing work.
A smiling girl wearing a head scarf sits on a straw mat in a small room
Donate a Car
When you donate a car, you'll qualify for a tax deduction while supporting UNICEF's work for children around the world.
A smiling girl in a dress shirt sits at her desk at school. Other students sit at their desks behind her.
Charitable Bequest
Include a bequest to UNICEF USA in your will or living trust and help ensure the critical work continues for generations to come.
A laughing boy sits at a table. Other laughing children sit at the table behind him.
Beneficiary Designation
Make a difference even after you’re gone: Name UNICEF USA as a beneficiary of retirement plan or life insurance policy assets.
A smiling girl sits cross legged in a classroom, holding a colored drawing of a rose in a vase. Other students sit in the background. Much of the floor is covered by a large canvas with children's drawings all over it.
Charitable Gift Annuity
Give cash or stock to UNICEF USA today, receive a fixed payment for life — just one of many planned giving options.