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Be the first to know about UNICEF's humanitarian relief efforts in times of emergency.

Children at the playground of their school in Niamey, the capital of Niger.


With UNICEF USA, you can help raise funds to support UNICEF's lifesaving programs in many ways. 

UNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories, helping to save and meaningfully improve the lives of the world's most vulnerable children. In the U.S., one way UNICEF USA helps UNICEF drive impact is through fundraising. Governments, humanitarian organizations and private sector partnerships help UNICEF develop and deliver its programs to uphold the rights of every child. But individuals play an essential role too — from making generous donations during emergencies to attending UNICEF USA fundraising events to starting their own fundraisers. Explore the many ways you can help raise money to support every child's right to a healthy, happy and safe childhood. 

Have an idea for a fundraiser or an event? Learn how to get started now. 

Fundraising for Every Child

Merline, 12, and Koko, 9, proudly hold their birth certificates in front of their house in the commune of N'Sele in Kinshasa, DR Congo. They have benefited from catch-up birth registration through vaccination services - a project supported by the French Government.

Start a Fundraiser

Learn how you can make a difference for the world’s most vulnerable children by starting a fundraiser for UNICEF USA today. Raise money for a cause you care about, and help keep kids learning, healthy...

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Children participate in a global summit at United Nations Headquarters in New York on 20 November 2019, joining children and young people the world over in demanding action to protect and promote child rights.


UNICEF USA events bring like-minded people together to raise awareness and critical funding for UNICEF's lifesaving and life-changing programs for the most vulnerable children.

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Thanks to UNICEF school supplies — and generous donors —children like these young girls chatting on the playground of their school in Niamey, Niger, have their fair chance to learn. © UNICEF/UN0439614/Dejongh