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For decades, Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) has been offering innovative solutions to some of the remarketing industry’s toughest questions. ARS navigates wholesale, salvage and consumer markets to sell vehicles in the best venue to the most appropriate buyer base. 

Donate vehicles — boats, cars, construction machinery, farming equipment, planes and more — to support critical children's programs

UNICEF USA has been a charity parter of ARS since 2011. The ARS vehicle donation program allows UNICEF USA to have an additional avenue to raise necessary funds for lifesaving programs — from delivering School-in-a-Box kits to make education possible during and after emergencies, to supplying vaccines to prevent the spread of disease.

ARS and UNICEF USA ensure that the majority of the vehicle's value — generally 80 percent of gross dollars raised — actually goes to charity, more than most other car donation programs found online. The remaining 20 percent covers administration and logistics fees for the title transfer, towing and documentation of the vehicle donation.

Learn more about the ARS and UNICEF USA vehicle donation program. 

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Learn more about how UNICEF and civil society groups work together to create better futures for children.

TOP PHOTO: Students at Kibi Primary School, Lumfukwe village, Tanganyika province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, receive school supplies including backpacks from UNICEF to support their learning. © UNICEF/UN0473562/Mulala