Google & UNICEF USA’s Partnership to Save and Protect Children

UNICEF USA has worked with Google Inc. in multiple capacities since 2005, when Google designated UNICEF USA as a recipient of its workplace giving and matching gift program.

Google's Charitable Partnership With UNICEF USA Is Doing a World of Good

Since then, the relationship with Google and has evolved to include strategic grants and collaborations to develop solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, including a $4M grant to purchase and distribute polio vaccines (2010) and a $1M commitment and team of technical Googlers to support UNICEF’s Zika virus response (2016).

Emergency Response

During times of crisis, Google provides critical support for UNICEF’s response and recovery efforts through and workplace giving campaigns.

Google has supported UNICEF’s response and recovery efforts in Nepal, Brazil, and Colombia, and most recently, in Mexico and the Caribbean.

On 7 September 2017 in Boba, Nagua, a boy, age 7, stands in front of debris as Hurricane Irma moves off from the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. © UNICEF/UN0119399

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Reaching Every Child with Immunizations

ImmunizationsSince 2015, Google employees have participated in an annual Flu Shot Campaign with UNICEF, which has raised over $600,000 for UNICEF’s immunization program around the world. For each flu shot, Googlers were asked to donate between $25-30, matched by, to support routine immunizations for children. 

This campaign has supported refugee children in countries including Syrian children in Iraq and most recently Rohingya children in Bangladesh.

UNICEF Teams up with Google to Fight Zika

ZikaIn 2016, announced a $1 million donation to UNICEF to fight the spread of the Zika virus. Technical Google volunteers worked with UNICEF to build a platform that can map and anticipate outbreaks of the virus, as well as to develop technology that is applicable both to Zika now and other health emergencies in the future.

With the support of, UNICEF reached millions of people with critical information on staying safe.

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Googlers Help Fight Zika

Google engineers work with UNICEF to analyze data in an effort to map and anticipate the spread of the Zika virus, linked to birth defects among children in Brazil.

Danilo, from Pernambuco, Brazil, is being hugged by his brother. Danilo, who has microcephaly, visits the hospital twice a week. His mother, Ana Paula, says “With all this family love, it is easier to take care of him.” © UNICEF Brazil/2016/Marcelino

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