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Since 2006, American Airlines Champion for Children employees have raised over $17 million through the UNICEF Change for Good program — collecting donations on flights and in Admiral Club lounges in support of children globally. 

Where do American Airlines donations go?

American Airlines donations support a variety of projects with the goal of maximizing impact for the world's children:

The impact of AA Champions' support over the years 


Champions teamed up with UNICEF against COVID-19, dedicating $460,000 of their 2020 collections to support UNICEF's pandemic response in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala. UNICEF delivered medical and personal protective equipment to hospitals and frontline health workers, supported interventions for infection protection and promoted hygiene education. 


After Hurricane Dorian struck Abaco and Grand Bahama islands on Sept. 1, AA Champions raised $150,488.47 to support UNICEF's response with local partners, delivering assistance to those affected by the Category 5 storm. 


The Fuego volcano erupted in Guatemala on June 3, affecting over 650,000 children and adolescents. Champions designated their July collections of $159,601.36 to support UNICEF's child protection, psychosocial support, nutrition, education and water, sanitation and hygiene programs in the country.


Champions designated their October collection of $213,664.96 — matched dollar for dollar by American Airlines — for Hurricane Irma relief efforts.


In April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated communities in Ecuador. Champions raised nearly $90,000 to help UNICEF deliver supplies including tents, insecticide-treated bed nets, vitamins, sanitation kits and art therapy kits to children. When Hurricane Matthew hit later that year, Champions allocated an additional $50,000 of their 2016 collections to UNICEF’s emergency response in Haiti.


Following the Nepal earthquake, Champions raised $113,188 to help UNICEF assist the 1.1 million children who were affected. The support helped cover the delivery of 29 metric tons of humanitarian supplies, and later, the construction of earthquake-resistant health facilities and the development of school safety plans.


After the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Champions collected $89,938.18 in donations to help UNICEF deliver medical and hygiene supplies, send in extra staff and raise prevention awareness


Super Typhoon Haiyan — one of the most forceful and destructive typhoons ever recorded — struck the Philippines on Nov. 8. The disaster affected more than 14 million people, including nearly 6 million children. For the next two months, Champions pulled together $176, 554.57 in support of UNICEF’s long-term recovery and rehabilitation efforts. 


Champions focused their fundraising support to address the worsening nutrition crisis in the Sahel region — donating $66,466.09 from their April collections to help UNICEF deliver lifesaving treatment to affected children in the form of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and other nutrition services.


March and April collections – over $230,000 – were dedicated to assist children and families in Japan who were impacted by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. $286,403 raised in August and September helped fund regional UNICEF nutrition programs in response to famine in the Horn of Africa.


Champions raised $346,751 for UNICEF's recovery efforts in Haiti following the earthquake that struck on Jan. 12, killing more than 220,000 people and displacing an estimated 1.6 million.

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