Matching Gifts

Donation Matching: A Simple Way to Increase the Impact of Your Gift

Many employers match charitable contributions made by their employees, and in some cases will also match donations made by spouses, retirees and board members.

Click on the Search button at right, then enter your employer's name to find out if your company has a matching gifts program. If so, the search results will provide details on how to proceed.

If you do not find your employer through this search, please check with your company to see if it offers a program that will match your gift to UNICEF USA. If they do not match gifts to UNICEF USA, or for more information on matching gifts, please contact us at or 1-877-294-9166.

Every day, thousands of children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes because they lack proper nutrition, safe drinking water, affordable vaccines and other basic necessities that most people in the U.S. take for granted. UNICEF's lifesaving interventions and programs have helped reduce the number of child deaths by more than 50 percent since 1990. Your gift will allow UNICEF to continue saving more lives than any other humanitarian organization in the world.

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