Téa Leoni


Téa Leoni represents the third generation of her family working to help the children of the world. Her grandmother, Helenka Pantaleoni, helped organize Women United for the United Nations and held the posts of vice president and liaison with UNICEF. In 1947, as part of a group that sought public backing for UNICEF, she co-founded the U.S. Committee for UNICEF and served as its president for 25 years. Anthony Pantaleoni, Leoni's father, currently serves on UNICEF USA's board. In 2004, she and her father traveled to observe UNICEF programs in Honduras, and in October 2005 they visited UNICEF-supported HIV/AIDS programs in Viet Nam. Best known for her starring roles in Spanglish, The Family Man, and Deep Impact, Leoni has been a UNICEF Ambassador since 2003.