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The Teach Them To Fish Foundation is an all-volunteer, non-profit, §501(c)(3) international economic development public charity.  Our mission is to do our share to alleviate the unimaginable human suffering caused by extreme poverty, hunger and the complete lack of education in the developing world by building primary schools for children in rural Africa and Southeast Asia where over 75% of the population lives on less than $2 a day and more than 69 million children do not have schools to attend.

As we built our first three primary schools, and gained practical field experiences, we became acutely aware that girls were being denied the opportunity to study.  Less than one in nine girls who entered the first grade continued to the seventh grade compared to one in three boys.  While we were able to remove obvious gender inequalities such as building separate boys’ and girls’ toilet facilities and providing sanitary napkins for the girls, cultural practices hindered the girls.  For example, in rural east Africa, tribal preferences favor educating boys.  Parents argue that even though admission to school is free, education is not free.  If girls go to school, they cannot take care of their younger siblings and work in the fields.  Parents often force their pre-teen daughters to marry at the ages of eleven or twelve, but certainly not much later than thirteen.  It became clear.  We needed to confront these issues methodically.  Just one year’s education for a girl reduces infant mortality by 5% to 10%.  Our initial plan involved call-in radio talk shows and “town-hall” styled meetings with villagers.  Yet, girls’ parents remained apathetic.  It was in response to this concern that we extended our mission and partnered with the Georgetown University Law Center to educate women’s rights lawyers from Africa who after one year of study at Georgetown receive a Masters of Law (LLM) degree and return home to their countries to advance the status of women including advocating for equal education opportunities for girls.

The foundation also maintains a "Disaster Relief Fund" to stand ready to help children displaced during times of unforeseen tragedies such as the earthquake in Haiti and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

100% of all money donated to our foundation goes to our children and schools or, if so designated, to our Disaster Relief Fund which we then contribute to the US Fund for UNICEF.  We pay our administrative and fundraising expenses through Membership dues and corporate sponsorships.

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