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Partner since 2005

Total Donated: $14 million+ globally

UNICEF is a leading partner in ING's signature global initiative, ING Chances for Children, focusing on educating children around the world and partnering with the ING Foundation to expand the Child-Friendly Schools model and support equity in education in Mexico.

With a presence in more than 40 countries, ING is committed to using its resources to improve the lives of children around the globe, focusing on financial literacy, children's education, diversity, environmental sustainability, and promoting volunteerism and community engagement among its international workforce with approximately 100,000 employees worldwide.

Partnership Summary

ING Chances for Children

ING empowers children worldwide through the ING Chances for Children initiative. This global program works to help young people discover their own potential through education, enabling them to build a better future for themselves and for their communities. Since the launch of ING Chances for Children in 2005, ING employees have been the driving force behind the initiative, donating their time and money to UNICEF-adopted projects in Brazil, Ethiopia, and India.

ING Foundation

Developing leadership skills for girls in Mexico

UNICEF Mexico, with the partnership of the ING Foundation, is engaging students in programs and curriculum that connect them with their schools' community and gives them a voice in their educational process. Using theater, writing, dance, visual arts, and music, young girls will be engaged in valuable and entertaining activities that allow them to learn about, discuss, and express their concerns about gender while simultaneously learning leadership and communication skills to help them navigate challenges. Guided by teachers trained to identify and develop female student leadership, girls will become peer leaders and will have the resources necessary to maintain their interest and enlist the participation of their peers in the school community. 


ING and UNICEF also partner worldwide around a collection of other nationally implemented activities, including volunteerism, customer fundraising activities, cause-related promotional initiatives, charitable donations, in-kind support, sponsorships and events, advocacy, and the sale of UNICEF retail greeting cards and other products.