Partner since 2006

As a leading partner for UNICEF USA since 2006, Prudential Financial provides critical investments in emergency programming, disaster risk reduction, preparedness and peacebuilding. Prudential's support at the nexus of emergency response and sustainable development has combined impact investments, philanthropic dollars, special event support, workplace giving and employee engagement — demonstrating their commitment to global development. 

Prudential’s partnership with UNICEF aims to reduce the impact of emergencies on the most vulnerable children through innovative and strategic investments

Prudential, a multinational financial services leader, is invested in creating long-term partnerships that strengthen communities by tackling social challenges and solving complex problems. Prudential was the first corporate investor of UNICEF USA’s Bridge Fund, an innovative financing tool that helps speed lifesaving assistance to children in need, and the Mercury Fund, a pooled fund focused on rapid emergency response.

Central to the UNICEF-Prudential partnership is a unique approach that links humanitarian action, sustained development work and peacebuilding. Joint efforts going forward will focus on addressing climate change, reducing global risks, building peace and improving emergency preparedness.

In 2018, Prudential renewed their grant work with UNICEF, building on the disaster risk reduction work they spearheaded in 2015. In this newer phase, Prudential has become a leading partner of the ‘Triple Nexus,’ an initiative that links humanitarian, development and peace building efforts. Combining these fields can more effectively prepare for and meet peoples’ needs, mitigate vulnerabilities and promote sustainable peace and security. A UNICEF-supported study has shown that every $1 invested in UNICEF’s preparedness programs can result in $7 saved during an emergency, underscoring the need to develop community resilience before calamity strikes.

Experiencing a conflict, disaster or public health emergency can forever alter a child’s life. Together, we continue to take steps towards preventing and mitigating these harmful shocks.

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