Workplace Giving and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals. Engaged employees lead to higher quality service and 

Employee engagement with UNICEF is a chance to showcase a company's goals and involvement with UNICEF while providing individual employees the chance to get involved in saving children's lives. 

At UNICEF, we can't always bring everyone to the field, but we want to ensure employees are obtaining the emotional responses they look for when supporting a cause. 

Our goal is to immerse employees in experiences that bring the struggle children face around the world closer to home. Through powerful storytelling, compelling discussions on current critical issues and by providing tangible examples of tools UNICEF uses around the globe, we aim to incentivize employees to become active to support our mission.

By combining workplace giving and employee engagement activation, your company can maximize participation and giving.

We offer companies opportunities and activities that compliment their values and run parallel to their interests. This is also a chance to grow a UNICEF/company partnership and ultimately save lives.  

Visit our workplace giving and employee engagement pages to get ideas about how to get involved and make an impact, or let our success stories inspire you!

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