MNT Milestone: A Deadly Disease Eliminated in Indonesia

On May 19th, an important milestone was achieved: the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Indonesia has eliminated the terribly painful and deadly disease of maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

As recently as 2000, Indonesia was one of 59 countries where the risk of contracting the disease was highest. After India eliminated MNT last year, the four Indonesian provinces of Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku comprised the last pocket in South-East Asia still suffering from MNT.

UNICEF Regional Director and Goodwill Ambassador Nana Mouskouri Visit Greece Amid Ongoing Refugee and Migrant Crisis

NEW YORK (May 25, 2016) – The impact of the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis in Europe – and ways of alleviating its impact on children – will be the focus of a visit to Greece this week by Marie-Pierre Poirier, UNICEF Regional Director for central and Eastern Europe and Ms. Nana Mouskouri, acclaimed singer, humanitarian and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Pioneering New Film The Beginning of Life to be Released across Global Streaming and Multimedia Platforms

NEW YORK (May 25, 2016) – The Beginning of Life, a groundbreaking feature documentary that explores the impact of a child’s early environment on their cognitive, social and emotional development, will be released worldwide on Netflix, iTunes and Google Play on  June 1, 2016.

The film, supported by UNICEF and featuring supermodel Gisele Bündchen and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner James Heckman, is the brainchild of Director Estela Renner (Way Beyond Weight) and was produced by Brazil-based Maria Farinha Filmes.

Water and Sanitation a Key Concern in Sri Lanka Flood Emergency

NEW YORK (May 24, 2016) – Over 300,000 victims including women and children have been affected by the tropical cyclonic storm ‘ROANU’ which has caused landslides and heavy rains in 22 districts of the 25 districts in the country. Eighty-two people had been reported dead and 118 people claimed missing from the resultant landslides in the Kegalle district.

New Fund Launches to Address Global Education Crisis

NEW YORK (May 23, 2016) – Global and national organizations today launch a new fund to better coordinate support for and drive investment in education for children and youth affected by humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises.

Today, one in four of the world’s school-aged children – nearly half a billion – live in countries affected by crises. Around 75 million of these children and youth are either already missing out on their education, receiving poor quality schooling or at risk of dropping out of school altogether.