UNICEF Leads Convoy into Mosul City with Emergency Supplies for 15,000 Children

NEW YORK (November 15, 2016) – A UNICEF-led multi-agency humanitarian convoy was on Sunday the first to enter the Iraqi city of Mosul together with WFP and UNFPA.

“UNICEF has entered Mosul city for the first time in over two years,” said UNICEF Iraq Deputy Representative Hamida Ramadhani.

“Our teams are moving quickly to provide immediate support to communities affected by the fighting.”

A 14-vehicle convoy including eight cargo trucks filled with aid, arrived in the Gogachly neighborhood in eastern Mosul at around 9.30 in the morning.

Central African Republic: Nearly One in Five Children is a Refugee or Internally Displaced

NEW YORK (November 15, 2016) – As the fragile recovery continues, more than 850,000 people in Central African Republic – half of them children – are still on the move, either internally displaced or refugees in neighboring countries, UNICEF said today.

Change Children’s Lives. Save Children’s Lives.

Nearly 50 million children on the run from poverty and conflict. Children in Syria, Nigeria and Iraq growing up with endless war. Kids in Haiti and Ecuador living in communities battered by natural disasters. It can seem hopeless, but it’s not.

We can give these children education. We can provide them with protection. We can deliver them the clean water they need to drink, the nutrition they need to stay healthy and the classrooms where they can begin to build brighter futures. We can give them hope.

Pneumonia and Diarrhea Kill 1.4 Million Children Each Year, More Than All Other Childhood Illnesses Combined – UNICEF

NEW YORK (November 11, 2016) – Pneumonia and diarrhea together kill 1.4 million children each year, the overwhelming majority of whom live in lower and middle-income countries. These childhood deaths occur despite the fact that both illnesses are largely preventable through straightforward and cost effective solutions like exclusive breastfeeding, vaccination, quality primary healthcare and reducing household air pollution.  

Rising Air Pollution Is Killing the World's Most Vulnerable Children

Pneumonia is responsible for around 1 million childhood deaths every year. Globally, it is the single leading cause of death among children under five years old. Although it's one of the easiest diseases to prevent, rising air pollution is making children in poor communities more susceptible to the disease. 

Measles Jab Saves Over 20 Million Young Lives in 15 Years, But Hundreds of Children Still Die of the Disease Every Day

NEW YORK (November 10, 2016) – Despite a 79 percent worldwide decrease in measles deaths between 2000 and 2015, nearly 400 children still die from the disease every day, leading health organizations said in a report released today.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson Meets with Syrian Children and Youth in Jordan

NEW YORK (November 10, 2016) – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson wrapped up a two-day visit to Jordan this week, along with his eldest son Micheal, where he met with Syrian children, young people and their families whose lives have been greatly affected by the conflict - now close to its sixth year.