Syrian Children’s Courage for Education during Crisis

Shushan Mebrahtu is a communications and media specialist for UNICEF. She has worked in Syria and Niger, among other countries. 

DAMASCUS, Syrian Arab Republic – What would you do if the only way you could sit for your high school exams was to travel for 13 hours through countless checkpoints manned by heavily armed fighters? How would you feel if 12 years of hard work to get your diploma was in vain because of a war that never seemed to end?

World Leaders Must Invest in Better Data on Children – UNICEF

NEW YORK (September 14, 2016) – UNICEF is calling on world leaders to invest in better data on children, warning in a new analysis that sufficient data is available only for half of the child-related Sustainable Development Goals indicators.

The UNICEF analysis shows that child-related data, including measures on poverty and violence that can be compared, are either too limited or of poor quality, leaving governments without the information they need to accurately address challenges facing millions of children, or to track progress towards achieving the Goals.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Comes to the Classroom, Offering the Nation’s Children a Lesson in Global Citizenship

NEW YORK (September 13, 2016) – This fall, cheered on by teachers across the nation, thousands of students will learn positive global citizenship values and gain the power to make a difference when they Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s 66th annual Kids Helping Kids ® campaign encourages children to learn about issues facing other kids around the world and become agents of change on Halloween by collecting lifesaving donations for children.

The Truths We Ignore & The Lies We Believe

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of those interviewed.

He spoke with a sheer determination and willpower. He spoke of the horrors he had seen, the prices he'd had to pay, with an acceptance that what was done was done. All that was left was to move on. This was a man who did not want to cause anybody harm. He did not want what had happened to him. But he knew that he would fight tooth and nail to make sure that his family was okay. This is the Syrian refugee.

Register as a U.S. Fund for UNICEF Volunteer

Our volunteers are dedicated supporters of all ages and backgrounds living in the U.S. who educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of UNICEF in their communities. Our vast network of volunteers have increased awareness on issues of child survival, advocated for children's rights, and raised or leveraged funds for UNICEF for over 60 years.

How UNICEF Works to Stop Tetanus, One Country at a Time

The symptoms are excruciating. Mothers and babies who contract maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) are ultimately robbed of their lives, and death follows days of pain and suffering. The good news is, the disease is entirely vaccine preventable. UNICEF and its partners are committed to reducing the number of cases to virtually zero, which can be achieved through inexpensive immunization and by promoting hygienic delivery and cord care practices during childbirth.