Statement by UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere on Reports of Children Killed and Injured in Syria

NEW YORK (February 10, 2017) – “Violence in Syria this week has reportedly killed at least 20 children and injured others in several areas across the war-torn country. 

“In Idlib earlier in the week, violence reportedly left 30 people dead, including 16 children. Some of those killed were displaced from fighting in Aleppo. 

Zodiac Art Show

Muse Art Club was founded in November 2016, and consists of fourteen dedicated and caring individuals made up of eleven young and talented artists as well as three natural leaders, and the club strives to encourage the pursuit of artistic values in children from a young age and the application of these values to their everyday lives. All members in the club, no matter their role in shaping Muse Art Club to what it has become today, all believe strongly in the value of an artistic education, and they all joined the club because they wanted to advocate for an underrated cause.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Killing of ICRC Workers in Afghanistan and SARC Workers in Syria

NEW YORK (February 8, 2017) – “We are saddened and outraged by the cruel killings today of six workers for the International Committee of the Red Cross in northern Afghanistan, and two workers for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Aleppo, Syria.

Thousands of Children Out of School After Classrooms Hit by Heavy Shelling in Eastern Ukraine

NEW YORK (February 6, 2017) – Thousands of children have been forced out of school in eastern Ukraine due to last week’s surge in fighting. At least five schools and two kindergartens have been damaged by heavy shelling and 11 other schools have had to close, according to humanitarian organisations supporting the emergency education response in Ukraine.

The World Must Make Faster Progress to End Female Genital Mutilation by 2030

NEW YORK (February 6, 2017) – “It irreparably damages girls’ bodies, inflicting excruciating pain. It causes extreme emotional trauma that can last a lifetime.

“It increases the risk of deadly complications during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, endangering both mother and child. 

“It robs girls of their autonomy and violates their human rights.

“It reflects the low status of girls and women and reinforces gender inequality, fueling intergenerational cycles of discrimination and harm.

It's Time to End Female Genital Mutilation

This year alone, millions of girls will be forced to undergo the violent practice of female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C). Despite being internationally condemned, FGM is still a frightening reality for at least 200 million women and girls alive today in 30 countries. In most of these countries, the majority of girls are cut before their fifth birthday.  

Deadliest Winter for Refugee and Migrant Children Crossing the Central Mediterranean, Says UNICEF

NEW YORK (February 3, 2017) – A record number of refugee and migrant deaths in the Mediterranean over the past three months, including an estimated 190 children*, has prompted an urgent appeal from UNICEF to leaders of European Union member states meeting in Malta.