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Be the first to know about UNICEF's humanitarian relief efforts in times of emergency.

The Impact Fund helps bring safe water to children

Impact Fund for Children

UNICEF USA's impact investing arm provides innovative opportunities for donors and social impact investors seeking to help solve the biggest challenges for children around the world.

What is the UNICEF USA Impact Fund for Children?

The UNICEF USA Impact Fund for Children (IF4C) is a tax-exempt affiliate (subsidiary) organization of UNICEF USA — an impact investing arm with two funds under management: the Bridge Fund and the Fast Fund. Both provide innovative and attractive opportunities for impact investors and catalytic donors seeking to help solve the biggest challenges confronting children worldwide.

"When disasters strike, whether it is climate change-driven hurricanes or a viral pandemic, the survival of those affected depends on our ability to get ahead of the problem and respond quickly," IF4C President Cristina Shapiro wrote in an op-ed for the Financial Times.

"Impact investors can be an indispensable partner to relief organizations," Shapiro wrote. "They can fund novel solutions to rapidly evolving problems, and take on informed risks where others will not." 

Impact Fund for Children Q2 FY23 Report


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Demonstrating positive social impact since 2015

The IF4C has been selected for inclusion in the ImpactAssets 50 (IA 50) list of impact fund managers for eight consecutive years. IF4C is also recognized as an IA 50 Emeritus Impact Manager, a new category that spotlights impact fund managers who have achieved IA 50 recognition for at least 5 years and have consistently demonstrated a commitment to generating positive impact.

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ImpactAssets uses stringent criteria to select diverse firms that demonstrate experience in the field, scale in assets under management and significant commitments to social impact, financial capacity and oversight.

View IF4C's ImpactAssets profile here.

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Above, Cristina Shapiro, President of UNICEF USA's Impact Fund for Children, interviews IF4C investor John A. Sobrato, founder and principal of the Sobrato Organization.

To invest, donate or learn more, contact: Cristina Shapiro, IF4C President, at or Erin Egan, IF4C Managing Director, Operations, at

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