A student laughs as he writes the answers to questions on the chalkboard of his classroom in the UNICEF-supported Salaama primary school in Galkayo, Somalia,.

Reports and Finances

The Impact Fund provides quarterly/annual impact and financial reports to all investors 45 days after the close of a quarter and 60 days after the close of the fiscal year. Audited financials are consolidated with and can be found in the UUSA Annual Financial Statements.

The Impact Fund reports impact through its reports on two frameworks:

1. Input/Output/Outcomes Framework: For each acceleration to UNICEF, we provide the number and category of beneficiaries, the quantitative outputs of the program, and the targeted long-term outcomes.

2. Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”): In 2018 we began to map each UNICEF bridge to the SDGs, connecting each quarter’s activity to the SDG goals and targets it contributes to.

To Invest, Donate or Learn More, Contact:

Cristina Shapiro, IF4C President, at cshapiro@unicefusa.org
Erin Egan, IF4C Managing Director, Operations, at eegan@unicefusa.org