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Child-Lens Investing

UNICEF USA’s Impact Fund for Children, in collaboration with the UNICEF Innovation Hub, and impact investment consultant, Tideline, present the Child Lens – a new way to frame investment strategies and direct capital toward advancing positive child outcomes and minimizing child harm.

Child-Lens Investing Framework

The Child-Lens Investing Framework serves as a central guiding document that investors, asset owners, regulators, standard setters, and other stakeholders may use as a starting point in learning about the child lens.

The paper includes a full framework describing the core principles of the child lens, the case for investment, an analysis of the global market landscape in context of the child lens, and a description of the current and continuously evolving child-lens investment ecosystem.

This Executive Summary is excerpted from the Discussion Paper and can serve as a starting point or quick reference document for the child-lens investment framework.

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