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Our mission

To relentlessly pursue an equitable world for every child.

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Ready to change and save lives?

Help fund critical programs

Dedicate a special occasion to fundraise for UNICEF’s work, choose UNICEF USA as your workplace giving recipient, run or bike a marathon on Team UNICEF and take part in the iconic Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Send humanitarian supplies directly to children who need it most through UNICEF Inspired Gifts. Shop consciously by purchasing from UNICEF Market and partners that give back to UNICEF USA.

Participate in events

Sponsor or attend a gala, speaker series or other event to learn more about the challenges that children face and raise funds for the solutions.

Advocate for policy change

Contact your legislators to establish policies that protect children, urge your leaders to become a Child Friendly City, volunteer with the UNITE team and raise awareness online with our Social Press Kit.

UNICEF USA West Leadership

  • Stephanie Sheehan, Deputy Director of Philanthropy, Northwest Region
  • Chandra Luczak, Director of Philanthropy, Southern California Region

Northwest Board of Directors

Nancy Rosenthal, Chair
Bukola Ojo, M.D., Vice Chair
Elena Marimo Berk
Danielle Boutros
Alex Earls
John Glass
Sonoo Thadaney Israni

Robin Kim
Carrie Delaney Rhodes-Nigam
Pamela Cogan Riddle
Annie Scott
Sobia A. Shaikh
Kin Bing Wu
Katrina Yulo
Dr. Janice Zakin

Southern California Board of Directors

Andrea Nevins, Co-Chair
Joyce Rey, Co-Chair
Tim Bruinsma
Desiree Gruber
Dima Hilal
David Kim
Kaleen Lemmon

Richard B. Levy
Amir Mossanen
Jina Veaco
Jon Vein
Gary Yale
Christina Zilber
Peter Zomber

Contact the UNICEF USA West team

Los Angeles

+1 (310) 277-7608

San Francisco

+1 (415) 549-0942

Learn how communities across the United States create better futures for children globally.