NextGen Steering Committee Members at their Annual Leadership Summit Abroad

NextGen Steering Committees meet regularly to discuss and plan important UNICEF campaigns, annual goals and upcoming events. They set the overall tone for NextGen in various cities (LA, NY, CHI, ATL and SF), while also creating new programs and educational opportunities for the next generation of UNICEF supporters. Additionally, committee members will activate year round on small to large scale activities and events, fundraising, UNICEF campaigns and skill sharing or volunteer opportunities. 

Read the full Steering Committee role and description here. We especially encourage you to apply to a Steering Committee in your city if you are interested in getting involved with NextGen at a deeper level.

Los Angeles Steering Committee

Chicago Steering Committee

Atlanta Steering Committee

NextGen Growing Cities

Our Growing Cities are pockets where NextGen is emerging and are comprised of anywhere from 4-50 pledging members. We are looking for a group of leaders that will propel their communities to become more engaged with UNICEF's work through becoming a NextGen member and beginning to host NextGen events and activities. To host a NextGen 101 to increase awareness and membership in your city, please reach out to for the Powerpoint presentation, and a briefing on the process of jump-starting your NextGen calendar of events for the year. 

For more information on how you can join, or take on a leadership role in one of our Growing Cities, please email

  • Boston
  • Washington D.C.
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Dallas
  • Philadelphia
  • Nashville
  • Miami

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New York Steering Committee

Bay Area Steering Committee

NextGen Founder's Circle

  • Jenna Bush Hager, Founding Chair
  • Danielle Abraham
  • Bettina Barrow
  • Mia Baxter
  • Adam Berninger
  • Jessica Betts
  • Margaret Betts
  • Barbara Bush
  • Lauren Bush Lauren
  • Clementine Crawford
  • Nell Diamond
  • Arielle Diskin
  • Megan Ferguson
  • Brian Forde
  • Emily D. Griset
  • Meredith Gitomer
  • Jillian Gumbel Robins 
  • Gillian Hearst
  • Louise Hoof
  • Geoff Johnston
  • Caroline Johnston Polisi
  • Elise Jordan
  • Jaime Jimenez
  • Candice Kislack
  • John Kluge, Jr.
  • Anika Kreider
  • David Lauren
  • Brian Lee
  • Ben Lurie
  • Sterling McDavid
  • Gloria Moncrief Holmsten
  • Purvi Padia
  • Jason Rotter
  • Maya Samuelsson
  • Anna Schwab Matthews
  • Krystal Shanahan Sachs
  • Rebecca Sinn Kelly
  • Wendy Stapleton
  • Manish Vora
  • Ashley Weaver
  • Brooke Worthington
  • Elizabeth Yale Marsh
  • Katrina Yulo