NextGen's Madagascar Project

UNICEF Next Gen members raised more than $270,000 to support UNICEF programs focused on Ending Violence Against Children in Madagascar. UNICEF works in Madagascar to identify children most vulnerable to rights abuses and to reach these children with vital interventions.

UNICEF's child protection policy includes prevention, response and working with multiple stakeholders at the individual, community and systematic, structural level. NextGen’s project supports the following to end violence against children:

  • Community Child Protection Networks - frontline response to violence against children, supporting more than 10,000 children in Madagascar each year by identifying vulnerable children and connecting them to services including medical, psychosocial, legal and other support that may be required.
  • Child Helpline “147” - national telephone helpline exists to report child abuse, violence and exploitation, and offers counseling services. It is confidential, free and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Vonjy Centers - children receive an integrated package of medical, psychosocial and legal services free of charge, all in one location. The centers also empower doctors, social workers and police officers to work together in one place, which has significantly improved the process of investigating and prosecuting offenders.
  • Communications for Development (C4D) - C4D involves understanding people, their beliefs and values, the social and cultural norms that shape their lives. It involves engaging communities and listening to adults and children as they identify problems, propose solutions and act upon them. This is seen as a two-way process for sharing ideas and knowledge using a range of communication tools and approaches that empower individuals and communities to take actions to improve their lives. Through this program, 2,000 community members will be reached by C4D activities that are designed to prevent violence in their communities.

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