UNICEF's Next Generation

With a $20-$49.99 monthly pledge, Heroes will:

  • Contribute to saving and improving children's lives every month!
  • Receive invitations to things like the UNICEF USA Annual Meeting, program briefings and calls from our UNICEF field staff.
  • Attend annual meet-ups and activities for NextGen members, if you live in a city with a Steering Committee (or you could create your own in your city!).
Check out Tier Two Membership Benefits Here
Monthly Missions:

Every month you will receive suggested “missions” aligned with NextGen priorities and UNICEF’s mission, from social media to fundraising and advocacy efforts that further engage and empower you to be a hero for ZERO.

Insiders’ access to UNICEF representatives: 

Meet and hear from UNICEF experts throughout the world, while networking with your peers who also believe in a day when ZERO children will die of preventable causes.

  • Discussions, panels and conference calls will provide you with incredible access to UNICEF representatives from around the world.  You will learn first-hand from experts about children's issues in their respective countries and fields and what you can do to help.
  • Intimate receptions with UNICEF field staff in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, speaking about current issues facing the world's children.
  • Invitation to our exclusive Annual Meeting, an intensive two-day experience that brings together senior UNICEF field staff and top U.S. Fund supporters to celebrate UNICEF's accomplishments and plan for challenges which children around the world will face.
Instant updates and special periodicals:

Instant UNICEF information in your inbox!  You will know the impact of world events on children as soon as we do.

  • Press releases and UNICEF Emergency Response updates in your inbox. 
  • Periodicals provided to our most loyal supporters: Our magazine Every Child and the UNICEF USA's Annual Report in your mailbox.

*Please note, all donors who give at the $25,000 or more level per year, will be invited to attend a UNICEF Field Trip to see UNICEF's lifesaving work. 

Donors who give $5,000 in a year ($417 or more per month) will become a member of the Next Generation level of the Humanitarian Circle.

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