October 3, 2014

A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news.

Best of the UNICEF blogs

Letter from Guinea
A firsthand account from the village where the Ebola outbreak is believed to have begun.

Photos: Ebola’s orphans
Images of the children UNICEF is helping and protecting in Sierra Leone.

A newborn in Central African Republic
A moving image of a child whose mother was a victim of sexual violence.

UNICEF issues in the News

“The fear surrounding Ebola is becoming stronger than family ties."
At least 3,700 children have lost their parents to Ebola. Now they are at risk of abandonment by society. In the BBC.

Living with Ebola
Vox interviews a former child soldier who now fights on Sierra Leone’s front lines against Ebola.

Escape from Islamic State
The harrowing story of two Iraqi girls who fled their captors, from Global Post.

School Number One
The BBC reports on the start of school for children in conflict-torn Donetsk.

Target trafficking
A policy expert argues that stopping human trafficking should be a top development priority, in Foreign Affairs.

Across three continents
Novelist Nayomi Munaweera shares her coming-to-America story with PRI.

And one more...

“If we are not united we will fail as a nation.”
And other inspiring lessons from the young people of Rwanda.