Photofest Prize Pack

Take Action for Fair Trade Month!

October is Fair Trade Month and we’re highlighting five ways you can promote Fair Trade on social media, at your school, and in your community. Fair trade offers consumers a simple way to help reduce poverty, protect children, and prevent trafficking. Take action for Fair Trade Month and help reduce your footprint on exploited labor! 

When you think of October, you may think of fall weather, candy corn, and spooky ghost stories, but did you know that October is also Fair Trade Month?

Fair trade is a certification process that ensures products are sourced ethically and made by workers who are paid fairly. Fair trade empowers consumers to reduce demand for products made by exploitative labor and empowers communities to build strong, thriving businesses. It also helps prevent, identify, and reduce child trafficking. That is why we are highlighting five ways you can promote fair trade throughout the month. Check out our suggestions below and download our Fair Trade One Pager for more information and resources.  

1. Join Fair Trade Campaign’s Photofest and enter to win a trip to South America.

The 2016 Fair Trade Month Photofest began on October 1st and runs through October 28th. To enter the contest, simply post a photo of a fair trade product on social media with the hashtag #FTCampaigns. Participants vote on their favorite photos for each week’s theme and the photo with the most votes will receive a prize pack filled with various fair trade products. The three photos that earn the most votes throughout the month will be entered to win the grand prize trip to South America to visit fair trade producers at origin. Click here for more information.

2. Host a Fair Trade event.

Want to host a fall gathering? Make it fair trade! Invite your friends, family, and community members for a fair trade lunch, dinner, or coffee hour! Download our Fair Trade Event Kit for discussion questions, resources, and activities. Find fair trade recipes for entrees, desserts, drinks, and more at Equal Exchange and Fair Trade USA

3. Make your Halloween Fair Trade!

Educate your kids, neighbors and communities about fair trade this Halloween. Download youth activities, Halloween stencils, and order fair trade chocolate at Equal Exchange. Want to go a step further to protect children from exploitation and trafficking? Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! Download resources and order your boxes here.

4. Make your school, university, congregation or town a Fair Trade campaign.

Click here to learn how or find an existing Fair Trade campaign near you. Starting a campaign is easy and Fair Trade Month is a great time to unite your community to make a global impact.


5. Go to to learn your connection to modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Once you discover how your buying habits are linked to exploitation around the globe, visit Fairtrade America for a list of fair trade products and where you can purchase them. Follow Fairtrade America’s Pinterest board to stay up-to-date on fair trade products and resources.

Do you have other ideas about how to promote fair trade in your communities? Share them on social media and follow us on Twitter @EndTraffick. If you have questions about Fair Trade or would like more resources, please email