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Read All About It: UNICEF USA's Flipboard Magazines

UNICEF USA debuted End Trafficking last week, a new Flipboard magazine, to mark National Human Trafficking Awareness month.

Flipboard is a mobile/tablet app that allows users to view personalized collections of articles, photos, videos, web and social media content.

 UNICEF USA's Syria: A Children's Crisis magazine. Flipboard magazines can be read on phones, tablets or desktop computers.UNICEF USA's Syria: A Children's Crisis magazine on a smartphone. Flipboard magazines can be read on phones, tablets or desktop computers.

UNICEF USA began curating magazines on Flipboard last summer. The first three Child Labor, Syria: A Children's Crisis and Children with Disabilities were soon joined by a fourth, #ENDviolence Against Children, to raise awareness of UNICEF's global anti-violence campaign.

Each Flipboard magazine presents content from UNICEF USA and as well as external sites — magazines like the New Yorker and Time; news from the New York Times, the Guardian, BBC and others; partners like Polaris.

Through them, we share a vast range of information on issues that affect the world's children — what we are reading ourselves.

We love how Flipboard lets us showcase children's issues for people who may not visit our own site.

The potential audience is huge, some 90 million people have downloaded the Flipboard app — and our magazines have attracted thousands of readers.

Of course, each article doesn't necessarily represent the positions or opinions of UNICEF or UNICEF USA. We think you'll agree with us, however, that these magazines deliver important information about critical children's issues in a compelling, easy-to-read way. Flip and explore:

UNICEF USA's Child Labor magazine on Flipboard. UNICEF USA's Child Labor magazine as it appears on the web.


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