Child refugee crisis: A girl rests on her grandfather's shoulder as they wait for temporary transit visas in fYR Macedonia.

How You Can Help Child Refugees

30 million children on the run  —  fleeing war, violence and poverty. It's hard not to look away from the images of those who are struggling and those who haven't made it, but UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake offers another option, channel your shock into action and "never lose sight of the deeply human nature of this crisis."


They are not just refugees, or migrants, or displaced. They are children first.

How You Can Help:

1.  Donate Online

UNICEF is providing critical humanitarian assistance to children on the run worldwide. Support UNICEF's work by making a donation to help provide refugee and migrant children in crisis with the essential aid they need. 

Donate Now

2.  Speak Up, Speak Out

Children need advocates too. Let our leaders know you want them to address this crisis. Write President Obama a letter. Urge him to work harder to resolve conflicts affecting children and to press policymakers to help the thousands of displaced children and families who need humanitarian aid.

3.  Start a Fundraiser

Make a difference by starting your own fundraiser in support of UNICEF's campaign to aid the 7.5 million children impacted by Syria's brutal five-year-old conflict. Syria is the world's biggest producer of both internally displaced people and refugees. Since the conflict began, UNICEF has been providing food, water, medicine, education and more to millions of children inside and outside the country. Help UNICEF do more.

Remember: when the need is so great, every little bit of support, advocacy and initiative helps.

A child from Syria waits for a temporary transit visa in Gevgelija, Macedonia, after crossing the border from Greece. UNICEF is providing migrants like him with clean water

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