Change Children’s Lives. Save Children’s Lives.

November 7, 2016

More than 8 million Syrian children in need of immediate aid. Mothers and children fleeing brutal violence in Myanmar. Famine in East Africa. Cholera and severe malnutrition in Yemen. Kids in Mexico and the Caribbean struggling to recover from natural disasters.

It can seem hopeless, but it’s not.

We can give these children the water and food they need. We can protect them. We can provide them with health care and education. We can create the future they deserve. We can give them hope.


Helping Rohingya refugees: UNICEF is on the ground in Bangladesh, immunizing children to fight the spread of disease, delivering life-saving nutrition to the tens of thousands of children who are malnourished, and providing psychosocial and learning support in child-friendly spaces© UNICEF/UN0149110/Brown

Providing educational support in South Sudan: UNICEF is committed to ensuring that children whose schools have closed as a result of conflict are able to keep learning and growing so they can reach their full potential. Through partners, UNICEF is working to train teachers and provide school supplies © UNICEF/UN0120049/Makundi

Supporting the children of Syria: UNICEF is delivering winter clothing and blankets to children whose families have endured longterm displacement and unemployment after six years of civil war and continue to struggle to cover basic needs. © UNICEF/UN0127481/Anmar 

Last year, UNICEF achieved the following:

  • Immunized 45% of the world’s children against deadly diseases
  • Provided clean, safe drinking water to 39 million people
  • Responded to a record 344 emergencies
  • Helped over 15 million children gain access to education 

Overall, UNICEF's programs have helped reduce the number of child deaths by more than 50 percent since 1990.

Changing lives. Saving lives. This is hope.

UNICEF takes proven, low-cost methods that save children’s lives and makes them available regardless of income, ethnicity or location.

When you support UNICEF, you give mothers and children hope for the future. And your money goes to help the children who need help most.

89% of every dollar UNICEF USA spends goes directly to programs that help kids survive and thrive.