1-Day Campaign to Save Syria's Children

June 13, 2013
We are asking you to change the lives of Syria’s children TODAY. For more than two years, the children of Syria have faced unspeakable violence. They have been orphaned, maimed or killed. Children that are still alive live in burlap tents, are infested with lice, are sick and malnourished. They have no access to toilets, their clean water is running out and diarrhea is on the rise. When a U.S. Fund delegation visited refugee camps in Lebanon, these children greeted them with hugs and kisses, despite the months and years of misery they have gone through. They asked if they can go to school soon. In the last few months, humanitarian needs for those affected by the crisis in Syria have doubled. But UNICEF is running out of funds. Millions of children’s lives are in the balance. And that is why we need your help today. UNICEF is launching a 24-hour emergency campaign to turn the tide for Syria’s children. They have suffered enough. Let’s give them a chance to rebuild their lives, to get an education, have enough food to eat and water to drink. Let’s give them a chance to survive. Let’s make a real difference in the lives of Syria’s children today. Please give now. Your donations will go directly to support relief efforts in Syria.