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UNICEF helps give child refugees the childhood they deserve.
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  • 535 million children — nearly 1 in 4 — live in countries affected by violent conflict
  • 392,580 Rohingya children, who fled violence in Myanmar for refugee camps in Bangladesh, need nutrition, water, education, health care, emotional support, protection and care
  • Every seven minutes an adolescent is killed by an act of violence
  • It’s estimated that nearly one-third of all human trafficking victims are children 
  • In Syria in 2018, children were killed, injured, sexually assaulted. Schools and hospitals were attacked
  • The war in Syria has driven 50,000 people, including many children, into desert camps in Rukban, where they are stranded without supplies as winter approaches

Meet Obai, a 14-year-old from Raqqa, Syria. After his father was killed, he and his family fled to a refugee camp where, thanks to a UNICEF Child-Friendly Space, he’s rediscovering how to be a kid again.

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  • When disaster strikes, UNICEF knows what children need: In the third quarter of 2018 over 120,000 Syrian children received emotional support in UNICEF Child-Friendly Spaces
  • UNICEF finds unique solutions to tough problems: Education is limited for Rohingya kids over 14 in the refugee camps in Bangladesh so UNICEF helped established 60 Adolescent-Friendly Spaces and 211 clubs where 53,000 adolescents are now getting life skills training
  • UNICEF stands up for the most vulnerable: UNICEF helped 870,000 girls and women threatened with or victims of female genital mutilation
  • UNICEF protects children’s rights to legal status: More than 16 million children received birth certificates last year
  • UNICEF keeps families together: UNICEF helped care for 36,000 unaccompanied or separated children, reuniting 19,000 children with their families or caregivers
  • UNICEF gets results: UNICEF came to the aid of 25 million children involved in child labor and helped over 120,000 children released from armed forces receive the care they need to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced

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