We invite you to advocate for the world's children. We need your help to reach the policymakers in Washington on matters that affect the survival, protection, and development of children everywhere.

With the 115th Congress in session and President Trump’s Administration up and running in Washington, we are working to get the U.S. Government to put children first in their actions! As the funding for UNICEF in Fiscal Year 2018 is being decided, and bills are introduced or reintroduced in Congress, visit this page for recommendations on detailed ways to take action.

While we look ahead to Fiscal Year 2018, we are excited that the U.S. Government’s contribution to UNICEF for Fiscal Year 2017 has been maintained at the $132.5 million level. This victory serves as a wonderful confirmation that our advocacy efforts across the country CAN make a difference!

Want to do more? Sign a petition or send a letter to your Senators or Representative on global children's issues advanced by UNICEF. To deepen your involvement as an effective advocate for UNICEF, consider joining a Congressional Action Team.

Much will be at stake for the children we seek to serve and we encourage your advocacy.