We need your help to reach the lawmakers in Washington, DC and around the country on matters that affect the survival, protection, and development of children everywhere!

This past March, the U.S. Congress passed the Omnibus Appropriations Act that included $132.5 million for UNICEF for Fiscal Year 2018. This victory serves as a wonderful confirmation that our advocacy efforts across the country CAN make a difference!

Although this was a momentous occasion for our advocates across the country, we now must turn our attention to appropriations for Fiscal Year 2019.

Send messages to your Senators and Representatives in support of this vital fundingTogether, we can remind Congress that the U.S. Government's support for UNICEF is an effective investment and is an example of assistance that reflects our American values. We can speak out to lawmakers on every level to advance UNICEF’s mission.  

Advocate on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children today!