Students with School-in-a-Box materials at a Transitional Learning Center in the Uchiprang refugee camp, near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

U.S. Government Funding for UNICEF

Helping save more children’s lives involves everyone pitching in, including the U.S. Government. This support is needed now more than ever.

Join us in urging the U.S. Government to do its part for the world's children and support UNICEF

UNICEF won't stop until every child has a safe and healthy childhood. To do this work, UNICEF relies on voluntary contributions from different partners including individuals, the private sector and governments. 

This support is needed now more than ever as children globally face increased risk of malnutrition, further disruptions to education, greater mental health challenges and backsliding in immunizations. 

In addition:

  • more than 400 million children live in areas under conflict;
  • nearly half the world’s children live in countries at extreme vulnerability to the impacts of climate change; and
  • there are at least 36.5 million children who are displaced from their homes

Every year, the U.S. Congress must pass appropriations to fund U.S. Government programs and agencies, including the contribution to UNICEF’s core resources.

The U.S. Government has historically been a major funder for UNICEF's global development and humanitarian programs – reflecting the values of UNICEF supporters like you. UNICEF USA is extremely grateful to Congress for including a $3 million increase for FY23 totaling $137 million in core resources for UNICEF.

For Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), we are asking Congress to provide a voluntary contribution of $175 million to UNICEF. 

These aren’t just dollars; these are lifesaving vaccines to protect children and communities, packets of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods to nurse malnourished kids back to health, medical and emergency supplies for when disasters strike and so much more. This funding can be used flexibly, ensuring UNICEF directs it towards children who need it most. 

With children's lives and futures at stake, in Fiscal Year 2024, speak out and show your Members of Congress why they should partner with UNICEF to protect children most in need around the globe! Join us in asking Congress to provide a voluntary contribution of $175 million to UNICEF for Fiscal Year 2024.

Urge your elected officials to support U.S. Government funding for UNICEF.