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Wedding Season Gift Guide: For Your Bridal Party

June 15, 2015

UNICEF Market has unique gifts for each special member of your Birdal Party

When it comes to appreciating your bridesmaids, UNICEF Market offers a range of practical and unique items that your friends will love long after the big day.

Silver knotted jewelry accompanied with a note that says, “Will you help me tie the knot” is a clever way to ask your friends and family to be a part of your bridal part.

A cute evening clutch or set of makeup bags is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids to use on the day of your wedding.

If you’re looking for more of a keepsake, a colorful frame that complements your bridesmaids’ dresses is a great way for them to capture memories from the day.


Purchasing gifts through the UNICEF Market will spread the joy and happiness from your special day to artisans and children around the world. 

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UNICEF Market is an online store for unusual, well-designed and beautifully crafted items. A share of the proceeds from sales goes to the artisans represented, many of whom live in rural areas and rely on e-commerce to bring their crafts to an international market. A portion of the proceeds is also designated for UNICEF programs.

That makes the market a unique opportunity for UNICEF supporters to buy beautiful, handcrafted gifts that help UNICEF save children's lives.