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University Students host Free Trade Event

October 9, 2014

University of St. Thomas students distribute "Fair Trade"  coffee and eduate their campus about human trafficking 

The local UNICEF club at the University of St. Thomas in Houston celebrated Houston's Human Trafficking Awareness Month by handing out free fair trade coffee to students on campus on Tuesday, September 30th. 

The UNICEF club at St. Thomas paired with another St. Thomas student organization, S.W.A.T (Students Working AgainstTrafficking), to educate students about what human trafficking is and what it means to be fair trade. Advocates of fair trade also encouraged other students to support local fair trade stores and businesses. Students also signed a petition to turn the University into a fair trade campus.

When a good or product is labeled "Fair Trade" it certifies that the workers or created the item were paid the legal minimum for their work, and that no slave labor or human trafficking was involved. Local produce stores such as Whole Food and Central Market, as well as retailers like 10,000 Villages are notorious for selling fair-trade certified products.