Children at a UNICEF Booth

UNICEF USA supports multiple back-to-school festivals in Houston

It is back to school season and one way government offices and elected officials support the community is by organizing resource fairs. These events bring community partners and providers who deliver valuable information, educational programs, resources, and opportunities for community involvement to Greater Houston residents. The investment in education is a shared value among all who support these events, because education transforms communities, countries and the entire world. UNICEF also took part in some of these because we are dedicated to serving children here and abroad who want nothing more than a chance to learn with the right tools.

UNICEF USA booth at the Houston Mayor's Back to School Festival, George Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX on August 3, 2019

First, on August 3rd, 2019 UNICEF USA participated at the Mayor’s Back to School Fest, designed to help economically disadvantaged Houston-area elementary school students and their families prepare to return to school. UNICEF USA was among the many great partners and sponsors who collectively provided a variety of educational programs as well as backpacks, school supplies, health screenings, immunizations, and social service resources to thousands of students, free of charge.


Mayor Turner opening the Back to School Fest along with local, state and federal government elected officals from Houston, George Brown Convention, Houston, TX on Aug 3rd, 2019

UNICEF UNITE volunteers challenged children to write their new academic year goals

UNICEF USA Houston shined among the participants with health-related information and youth empowerment programs. Educators learned and enrolled in the free UNICEF KidPower program which empowers kids to save lives by connecting their everyday activity—like moving or learning—to real-world impact. Students were introduced to UNICEF Trick-or-Treat program which is a kid-helping-kid activity during Halloween. The event was organized and fully supported by our wonderful volunteers from the UNICEF UNITE program who welcomed almost 25,000 students and their families at the UNICEF booth.

Watch UNICEF UNITE having fun while educating children the importance of dreaming big: YouTube Video

Next, on August 22, 2019 at Westbury High School, UNICEF USA was one of the many supporting community partners at Congressman Al Green’s community health fair - ‘Green Light to Healthy Living’. The intention with this health fair is to foster a culture that focuses on prevention, primary care, and healthier living in our communities to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits. Once again, UNICEF USA offered enrollments into the KidPower program which directly promotes the health of children through interactive brain breaks. These go beyond similar programs because students literally save lives, but also earn coins that could be used to feed the hungry, plant trees or give doctor visits.

Congressman Al Green (middle) along with UNICEF USA Community Engagement Associate, Olivera Jankovska (right) and a volunteer at the Green Light Living Health Fair at Westbury High School, Houston, TX, August 22nd, 2019


Representative Green greeted the UNICEF UNITE volunteers and thanked them for their community engagement and generous social service. He encouraged them to continue volunteering as youth like them reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.



If you are excited about becoming UNICEF UNITE volunteer, please sign up at or contact the Houston Community Engagement Associate, Olivera Jankovska at