UNICEF Helps Children Return to School in Yemen

August 17, 2021

Conflict in Hodeida, Yemen kept 13-year-old Emtinan and her brother out of school for an entire year. "I had nothing to do when I sat home," she recalls. "I felt as if we were in the darkness." Now she's back in the classroom at a UNICEF-supported school, determined to catch up.


Watch the video to learn more about Emtinan's story:



Yemen's civil war is threatening the future of an entire generation — more than 2 million school-aged children are currently out of school. Without the necessary support, many may never return.


UNICEF is working with partners to ensure that children in Yemen receive the quality education they need to reach their full potential. You can help. 


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Top photo: Thirteen-year-old Emtinan is back in the classroom at a UNICEF-supported school in Marib, Yemen, after missing a year of school. © UNICEF/UN0460316/Al-Helali