Students elected to the school government line up with their UNICEF backpacks line up outside the primary school in Bloleu Village in Dix-Huit Montagnes Region, Sierra Leone.

UNICEF & Amazon: Delivering School Supplies to Kids in Need

A backpack filled with essential learning materials can help brighten the future for some of the world's most vulnerable children. 

Every child deserves a quality education. Yet some 264 million children and teens worldwide are not in school. Now, UNICEF is joining forces with Amazon to make sure more kids get the school supplies they need to become the scientists, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors and leaders of tomorrow.

While they're stocking up on supplies for their own kids on, Amazon customers can help the world's most vulnerable children by using Amazon Pay to send a contribution to UNICEF USA. There are four "Inspired Gifts" to choose from: $6 buys 200 pencils; $10 buys three backpacks; $28 provides 40 writing slates, 40 exercise books and 80 pencils. And $46 covers the cost of a UNICEF backpack filled with 40 exercise books, 80 pencils and 5 textbooks.

A South A Sudanese refugee participates in activities at a UNICEF Early Childhood Center in Bidibidi refugee settlement, northern Uganda.

What will he be when he grows up? At an Early Childhood Centre in Bidibidi refugee settlement in northern Uganda, a South Sudanese boy is dreaming of his future. © UNICEF/UN070273/Ose

UNICEF was founded in 1946 to provide emergency assistance to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. Today, the world is facing the largest refugee crisis since then, with millions of families forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution and poverty in countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. There are so many children to reach.

Children line up to receive backpacks supplied by UNICEF at Koofa Boys School, eastern Mosul, Iraq.

At Koofa Boys School, Zahraa District, eastern Mosul, Iraq, the kids can't wait to get their new UNICEF backpacks. © UNICEF/UN049560/Ramadhan

Getting uprooted kids back in the classroom gives them the safety and stability they need, and lays the groundwork for a promising future. UNICEF works in 155 countries to train teachers, build and repair schools and provide educational materials to 15.7 million children. 

Fourth grader Angelina, 10, writes on a blackboard at School No. 2, Marinka, Ukraine, January 2017. Sandbags reinforce the windows to prevent them from shattering during frequent shelling.

Angelina, 10, is a fourth grader at School No. 2, Marinka, Ukraine, where sandbags reinforce the windows to prevent them from shattering during frequent shelling. © UNICEF/UN052475/Hetman

“Young people understand better than anyone how important education is to their lives today and to their futures. Who knows better than they that their tomorrows depend on what they learn today? Who, better than today’s youth, can demand that the world provides them with the skills they will need to build a better world? Their future, and ours, depends on it,” says UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake.

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