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Thank You for Standing Up for the World's Children

July 2, 2019



Last year, UNICEF responded to nearly 300 humanitarian emergencies in 90 countries and operated ongoing programs in more than 190 countries and territories to save and protect the world's youngest citizens. This important work would not be possible without valued partners and the sustained support of generous donors like you.


Here are just some of the ways your caring contributions helped UNICEF make a difference for children in 2018:



A HEALTHY START: UNICEF provided support for 27 million births in health facilities in countries with high neonatal and maternal mortality. Above, a baby snuggles on her mother's lap while they wait for a check-up at the Mkoko Village Clinic in Phalombe, Malawi. © UNICEF/UN0226878/Chikondi



SAFE WATER: UNICEF provided safe, clean drinking water to 43 million children living through emergencies. UNICEF scaled up water, sanitation and hygiene programs at schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018, among them several Écoles Conventionées Catholiques in the Mandeleo suburb on Kisangani, Tshopo province.  © UNICEF/UN0270030/Prinsloo



IMMUNIZATION: UNICEF supported the vaccination of an estimated 65.5 million children with three doses of the Pentavalent vaccine, which includes vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP/Penta), and supported measles vaccination for 19.6 million children in humanitarian situations, like these children in Aden, Yemen, vaccinated during a mobile campaign in February 2019.  © UNICEF/UN0284429/Fadhel



EARLY LEARNING: UNICEF supported early childhood development programs for more than 475,000 children in emergency situations. UNICEF brings mobile kindergartens and temporary learning spaces to children who don't have access to traditional schools, like 4-year-old Batyargal, whose parents are nomadic herders in Mongolia. © UNICEF/UN0319185



EDUCATION: UNICEF provided education support for more than 12 million children and learning materials for 11.3 million children in 144 countries, like 7-year-old Dana, a refugee from Syria who attends a UNICEF-supported school in Mafraq, Jordan. © UNICEF/UN0221868/Rich



NUTRITION: UNICEF provided lifesaving treatment in 73 countries for more than 4 million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition — 82 percent of whom fully recovered. UNICEF programs are keeping this smiling baby healthy in Nabilatuk HC IV, Kaabong District, Uganda. © UNICEF/UN0306458/Abdul


A LEGAL IDENTITY: UNICEF supported the registration of more than 16 million children's births in 49 countries, to protect them from abuse and provide them with legal rights. That's cause for celebration for children like these, having fun in the streets of Adjamé, a suburb of Abidjan, the capital of Côte d'Ivoire. © UNICEF/UN0313103/Frank Dejongh



EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: UNICEF directly supported cash transfer programs that reached more than 38 million children — including more than 7 million children in humanitarian settings. In July 2018, children and their families displaced by violence in South Sudan's Jonglei State lined up for nutrition screenings, vaccinations and child protection services provided by UNICEF and partners. © UNICEF/UN0230363/Elrington


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Top photo: Baby Francisco Joao smiles as people whose homes were destroyed by Cyclone Idai celebrate the arrival of food packages at a UNICEF-supported relief center in Beira, Mozambique on April 18, 2019. © UNICEF/UN0320722/Oatway