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Meet Your National Council!

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s High School and Campus Initiative National Council members are effective agents of change and child survival.  The National Councils were created to work closely with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to represent and support UNICEF clubs in over six hundred high schools and colleges around the country. Comprised of six high school students and six college students, the Councils help gather resources, plan trainings, and offer guidance for UNICEF Club members. Most importantly, the Councils obtain feedback from clubs and individuals to make specific recommendations regarding the work of the UNICEF Clubs Program. Throughout the course of the year, these student leaders learn about UNICEF’s work in the context of their own development and become life-long advocates until no children die of a preventable cause. 

Learn more about the High School National Council

Meet your High School National Council Members

High School National Council (left to right): Annajulia Santa Elena, Southern California; Melanie Ortiz, Northwest; Jason Kim, Mid-Atlantic & Southeast; Henry Goldberg, Southwest; Pranav Srinivasan, New England & New York; Dillan Prasad, Midwest

Learn more about the Campus Initiative National Council

Meet you Campus Initiative National Council Members

Campus National Council (left to right): Jocelyn Rios, Northwest; Thao Luu, Midwest; Amya (Tulipe) Hosenn, New England & New York; Zineb Alfath, Southern California; Andrea Colmenero, Southwest & Mid-Atlantic; Isabella Rodriguez, Southeast

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