As part of UNICEF's response after back-to-back hurricanes Eta and Iota, UNICEF's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jean Gough, colors with children during an activity at a school in Campur Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Matching Gifts Make the Most of Your Donation

Employee matching gift programs increase the power of your contribution — and add to the core resources that allow UNICEF to respond quickly and effectively in emergencies, while keeping essential programs up and running, year in and year out.

Making a charitable donation to help UNICEF's lifesaving work to give every child a healthy life and a better future is always a good move. Every dollar counts. But there's a way to make that donation work even harder,  and reach more children: employee matching gifts

Employee match programs increase the power of your donation

Employee matching gifts are charitable corporate donations that double employee gifts to eligible nonprofits. Most companies match their employee's donation amount dollar for dollar; some companies match at a higher rate. The result? Your donation helps UNICEF reach more children with more services and supplies they need to survive and thrive. 

What are unrestricted funds?

Typically, corporate matching gifts are designated as unrestricted funds. This flexible funding allows UNICEF to allocate resources quickly and effectively whenever and wherever the children and young people we serve are most in need or most at risk. Unrestricted donations — also known as regular resources or core resources — provide the steady, predictable funding that enables UNICEF to sustain ongoing programs, scale up proven solutions globally, and prepare and respond rapidly in emergencies, and to rebuild afterwards. 

Why are core resources vital to UNICEF's work?

UNICEF works with partners all over the world to ensure that children get the support they need to grow up healthy, get a quality education and the opportunity to reach their full potential. While some children are growing up in the midst of high-profile humanitarian crises, others are living in circumstances that rarely make headlines but nevertheless require a longterm commitment. Core resources are what keep these programs going, year in and year out, to give children the best possible start in life, regardless of where they were born. 

On November 10, 2020, in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nadege hugs her son David. The two are both Ebola survivors.

Above, Nadège hugs her son David in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of Congo. They both survived Ebola affter treatment at a UNICEF-supported health center. © UNICEF/UN0367640/Tremeau

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, UNICEF and partners have been engaged in a long battle against Ebola. Now they are transitioning to fight COVID-19 as well. Regular resources have been the first responder in this emergency, helping UNICEF to establish treatment centers and to procure lifesaving supplies.

For seven decades, UNICEF has been responding to complex children's issues, refining our understanding of the problems they face and creating innovative solutions. Support from donors and partners has helped UNICEF pioneer new ways of delivering water, sanitation and hygiene services, reach millions with lifesaving vaccines,  promote gender equality and increase the number of girls in school, transforming communities and strengthening economies.

Double your impact — find out if your employer matches donations

UNICEF has saved more children's lives than any other humanitarian organization. It's a cause everyone can get behind — especially when your donation is matched dollar-for-dollar by your employer. 

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If you do not find your employer through this search, please check with your company to see if it offers a program that will match your gift to UNICEF USA. If they do not match gifts to UNICEF USA, or for more information on matching gifts, please contact us at or 1-877-294-9166.

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Top photo: As part of UNICEF's emergency response after back-to-back hurricanes Eta and Iota devastated Central America in late 2020, UNICEF's Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jean Gough, colors with children during an activity at a school in Campur Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. © UNICEF/UN0403897/Billy/AFP-Service