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Houston UNICEF USA Clubs Light the Night for Vulnerable Children

April 6, 2018

UNICEF USA in Houston offers a variety of volunteering opportunities through the UNICEF CLUBS program. UNICEF supporters (High School and Campus Clubs) often join hands within their schools to help educate, advocate and fundraise locally for the most vulnerable children all over the world. 

On April 6th, 2018, the UNICEF USA clubs at Dulles and Clements High Schools in Houston, Texas partnered with the Meadows Place City to host the first annual Light the Night fundraiser for UNICEF. The event highlighted a concert by local band ‘The Emotions’ and local artist Liangston Jamesou, a lantern festival and activities such as face painting and bracelet making. The main attraction of the night was the lantern festival during the concert intermission, where attendees were able to donate $5 and release lanterns into the local lake

Through our schools' activation for UNICEF's most vulnerable children, I  was empowered to act locally and think globally.

Before the release, participants were asked to think of what they can do to help underprivileged children achieve new, prosperous lives. As they released their lanterns, they learned that the lanterns symbolically shine a light for children in need and, according to ancient Taiwanese tradition, promise these children new beginnings. At the end of the evening, over 200 lanterns were released, and attendees left with a new perspective of the struggles of children around the world. Both Dulles and Clements are proud to say they raised more than $1,000 in their first year!

For a short video of the event, please Movie icon click here

You can learn more about how to be involved with UNICEF USA how to start your club in Houston at https;//unicefusa.org/supporters/volunteers/unicef-clubs