A Hero Worker Fights COVID-19 One Day at a Time in Uganda

October 14, 2021

Yusto Katahoire was the first to test positive for COVID-19 at Kikuube Health Center IV in Kikuube District, western Uganda. As the center's Chief Hygienist, he's the first line of defense in the daily battle to control the novel coronavirus.  


Every morning, he puts on the frontline worker's armor: scrub suit, apron, masks, goggles, gloves. "I think I'm brave," said Katahoire, "because I'm at high risk of being infected."


Follow a Ugandan health center's Chief Hygienist as he makes his daily rounds, preventing the spread of infection:



To protect essential workers like Katahoire, UNICEF distributes personal protective equipment (PPE) and supports training programs to teach skills in infection prevention and control.


UNICEF also provides health facilities with water, sanitation and hygiene supplies including chlorine, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, handwashing stations and cleaning equipment to help keep children and families safe from disease. 


"I'm very proud of what I do," said Katahoire. "Very proud."  


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Top photo: Yusto Katahoire puts on his personal protective equipment before starting his shift as Chief Hygienist at Kikuube Health Center IV, Kikuube District, Uganda. © UNICEF/UNI366374/Sibilon. Video edited by Tong Su for UNICEF USA