[In the Field] Visiting with a child from a neighborhood care point

Four Key Club Ambassadors to UNICEF are visiting projects in Swaziland and blogging about their experience. Below is their fourth post. Today in Swaziland we visited a neighborhood care point and traveled to the home of one of the children we met there. He is being raised by his grandmother. We asked her what her hopes were for her grandchildren, and she told us she wanted schooling, clothing, food, and for them to live to be adults. When I listened to her say this, all I could think of was what my parents would have said if asked the same question. We moved on to a household headed by a 16-year-old girl taking care of two younger children. Even though we couldn't speak the same language, we bonded with them by playing games. Pictured here are all of us with this family. -Grace Key Club Ambassadors in Swaziland

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