Famine Crisis: How Quick Action Will Save Lives



Time is running out for 2.5 million children in 13 countries in Africa and the Middle East. The faster we can deliver therapeutic food, clean water and healthcare, the more lives we can save and futures we can protect.


Here's how a swift response to an unprecedented humanitarian emergency will benefit kids.


Your gift today matched dollar for dollar to help save even more lives.


Famine threatens 2.5 million children across 13 regions of Africa and the Middle East.

Your Donation Can Save Lives

Help UNICEF respond quickly to the famine crisis.

We already buy 80% of the world's RUTF supply. We're also on the ground, with highly experienced staff and partners, in all 13 of the countries in Africa and the Middle East most threatened by famine.  So, as soon as UNICEF receives the donations we need to save kids, we can work quickly to deliver lifesaving malnutrition treatment and care.

Because we put children first, we also use your donations wisely and efficiently. Of every dollar we spend, 90 cents goes directly to help children. 

Your donation today can save children's lives.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT: Your gift today matched to help save even more lives.




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