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End Trafficking: "Tricked" — Young and Vulnerable to Trafficking

Jennifer K. Chan is a program officer for the U.S. Fund's End Trafficking project. Throughout January, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, FieldNotes and the End Trafficking project are running a series of posts on child trafficking.

This year, as part of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s public awareness campaign for End Trafficking, we had the honor of working with Jamie Chesman. Jamie’s daughter, Danielle Douglas, is a survivor of human trafficking and an anti-trafficking activist. Jamie spoke with us about the factors that made her daughter vulnerable. Our new PSA helps introduce her and her family's story to the public.

As painful as that story is — a vulnerable teen forced into two years of sexual slavery and abuse — it is one that is familiar to too many other families in the U.S.

Danielle Douglas was 17 years old, a freshman at Northeastern University, when she met the trafficker who would force her into two years of sexual exploitation. Danielle Douglas, shown here in high school, was 17 years old and a freshman at Northeastern University when she met the trafficker who would force her into two years of sexual exploitation. Photo courtesy of Jamie Chesman.

In the new documentary "Tricked," audiences can learn more about Danielle, as well as the harrowing experiences of other young victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

Directed by John-Keith Wasson and Jane Wells, "Tricked" provides unsettling perspective from traffickers themselves, as well as the buyers of sex who exploit America’s children in cities across the country.

"Tricked" also demonstrates the important role law enforcement can play in fighting human trafficking. It follows detectives committed to rescuing victims and pursuing traffickers — sometimes by hitting them where it hurts most: seizing their financial assets.

In Denver, "Tricked" follows Sgt. Dan Steele and his colleagues as they pursue human traffickers and try to rescue victims. "Tricked" follows Sgt. Dan Steele and his colleagues in the Denver Police Department as they pursue traffickers and rescue victims. Photo courtesy of 3 Generations.

"Tricked" is not suitable for all audiences. The content is disturbing, and it contains scenes with graphic footage, but the documentary provides important insight into the horror of human trafficking in the United States. For more information, visit

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