Nigerian Classroom

For the Children of Nigeria, a Chance to Learn and Thrive

It takes more than nutrition, health care and protection from violence to save a child's life. Education — giving children caught in the grips of conflict and crisis the chance to get back to learning, playing and growing — is at the core of UNICEF's mission.



Watch how UNICEF-supported temporary classrooms are changing the lives of Nigerian children who have been uprooted, and in many cases brutalized, by Boko Haram:





Learning spaces like this one have reached more than 102,000 displaced Nigerian children so far. Educational materials have been distributed to another 187,000 kids — giving them tools to build a future. 



To address other emergency needs in the Lake Chad region, UNICEF is providing access to clean water and sanitation and is supplying therapeutic food to combat severe, acute malnutrition. Learn more about UNICEF's efforts to aid children affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.



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UNICEF stands in solidarity with our humanitarian colleagues working under extremely dangerous conditions in northern Nigeria. The aid workers who lost their lives in the tragic incident on Jan. 17 in Rann, Borno State, were working to save others. UNICEF remains committed to deliver aid to the more than four million children and their families in the region who are in desperate need of help.


Credit for photo at top: © UNICEF/Cherkaoui